Brookfield City Council approved a recommendation by the Brookfield Planning and Zoning Committee to allow Apex Plastics to re-plot their land.

The approval for the re-plotting came May 22 during the May Brookfield City Council meeting.

Apex Plastics recently purchased several lots of land surrounding their facility located at 570 S. Main Street in Brookfield. In a unanimous vote, the Brookfield Planning and Zoning Committee recommended the five land parcels owned by Apex Plastics could be consolidated to one parcel of land. Brookfield City Council approved the planning and zoning recommendation during the May council meeting.

Apex Plastics President Damon Neff approached Brookfield Code Enforcement Officer Jamie Stallo in March to discuss the re-plotting. In Brookfield businesses are required to only build on one plot of land.

According to Neff, the plan to expand has been on his mind.

“We’ve been talking about expansion for a long time,” Neff said. “Our production has grown a lot.”

According to Neff, business at Apex Plastics has been consistently growing. The last time the company expanded was 2014 to add more storage and new machines. The new expansion will add a warehouse south of the existing building. The new expansion will add more storage.

Construction on the lot began once city council approved the Planning and Zoning Committees recommendation. The building will take shape soon when concrete is poured next week.

Apex Plastics hired MF Contracting to build the warehouse. Warehouse construction is planned to finish Aug. 1. The building will be a standard warehouse to house new product and raw materials.

Apex Plastics has recently moved their production schedule from five days a week, to six days a week. The newest project at Apex Plastics is creating clear juice bottles for fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Neff says he appreciates the city helping the business grow.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to expand in Brookfield,” Neff said. “Everyone we’ve worked with in the city has made this process easy.”