Members from Sumner City Hall, Swan Lake Sportsman Club and the Foster family held a fundraiser June 2 for the new Sumner Community Center.

The new community center will house Sumner City Hall and an office for the Swan Lake Sportsman Club.

A fundraiser for the new Sumner Community Center was held June 2 in Sumner, Mo. Three organizations planned the fundraiser for the community center. The organizations include Sumner City Hall, Swan Lake Sportsman Club and the Foster family. Once the center is completed, Sumner Mayor Jerry Ostermann hopes to have events in the center.

The original Sumner City Hall was torn down Aug. 28, 2017. The building was old and had started to fall in. Construction on the community center started March 27. The new community center sits where the original city hall sat.

According to Ostermann, the fundraiser will supply the remaining funds for the center.

“We’ve received very generous donations from the organizations,” Ostermann said. “We’re holding the fundraiser to finish it off.”

Ostermann says Sumner citizens came together to build the center.

“It’s a big project and a lot of people have come together,” Ostermann said. “This building will help our town and that’s what it’s all about, to help rebuild our town.”

Brookfield Builders were hired to construct the exterior of the building. The remainder of the work on the building has been contributed by volunteers. Sumner residents have poured concrete and supplied heating and cooling. All electricity and plumbing work is planned to be done by Sumner residents as well. Ostermann hopes the building will be finished in the next couple months.

According to fundraiser attendee Matt Corzette, the community center has already helped the community.

“I’ve seen this community center bring more people to Sumner and bring the community together,” Corzette said.

The fundraiser featured live music, food, beverages and games. All entertainment and food was provided to attendees for an optional donation. All food and beverages were provided to the fundraiser as donations. All cooking was provided by volunteers.

Ostermann says he’s thankful for the town’s support.

“I’d like to give a thank you to everyone who helped out,” Ostermann said. “This building will bring new life to Sumner.”

Lurene Foster says she’s proud of her community.

“I’m overwhelmed with the support of the community,” Foster said. “My desire is to continue my husband’s legacy here in Sumner.”