The Brookfield Community Chest is currently holding their annual community giving campaign.

The community chest works with Linn County residents to help provide more money and services to local nonprofit organizations.

The Brookfield Community Chest 2018 annual campaign has already begun. The campaign, which raises money for local nonprofits will end June 30, although funds will be accepted after the deadline.

According to Karen Wheatcraft Brookfield Community Chest President, the campaign helps nonprofits in Linn County.

“Even if you don’t live in Brookfield, many recipients help the whole county,” Wheatcraft said.

The community chest has been making money available to local nonprofits for 22 years. Since beginning in 1996, the community chest has raised $250,000. All money raised in the county, stays in the county as well.

Wheatcraft says the goal of the campaign is to keep nonprofits funded.

“Our hope is to be able to fully fund these organizations,” Wheatcraft said.

According to Wheatcraft, money is divided based on how many people will be affected by the funding as well as how great the need is for the money. There are only three requirements to receive funding from the community chest, which are nonprofit status, being located in Linn County and filling out an application to the community chest.

The Linn County Historical Society has received money from the community chest previously to make repairs to the Tillman House Museum. The museum has needed repairs for the front porch, new paint and repairs to windows.

According to Elsie McCollum Linn County Historical Society member, the money from the community chest keeps the museum going.

“The money is very important to us,” McCollum said. “We have many repairs to make still.”

The historical society is hoping to receive more money this year to make more repairs to the museum. According to McCollum, the repairs include new flooring, new windows, new paint and more porch repairs.

The Animal Shelter of Linn County is another nonprofit, which has received money from the community chest. The animall shelter has received funding for the past three years. The animal shelter has used the money to purchase a new computer and pay off veterinary bills.

Michelle Brosmer President of the Animal Shelter of Linn County says being able to pay off the veterinary bill was a relief.

“We had never been able to pay off the veterinary bills fully since we opened in 2009,” Brosmer said. “The first year we received funding from the community chest was the first year we were able to pay off those bills.”

This year Brosmer hopes to receive money to purchase a new floor for the shelter. During a recent facility check performed by the state, they made the new flooring mandatory. Without the new flooring the animal shelter may have to close their doors.

Brosmer believes the community chest has kept the animal shelter afloat.

“I don’t know where we’d be without the community chest,” Brosmer said.

This year eight nonprofits have applied for funding from the community chest. The nonprofit organizations include the YMCA of Central Missouri, Ministries of Linn County general fund and food pantry, Linn County Historical Society, Linn County Council of Aging, Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri, Brookfield High School Alumni Association, Brookfield Main Street Connection and the Animal Shelter of Linn County.

Applications for funding were sent out in April. The money will be filtered to the local nonprofits in July.

Walsworth has stated they will match any donations made by their employees to the community chest.

Monetary donations can be made to the Brookfield Community Chest at the Brookfield Public Library and their P.O. box 563 Brookfield, Mo. 64628.