Brookfield celebrated the Twin Parks Summer Festival with games, a car show, barbecue contest, 3-on-3 basketball tournament and much more.

The summer festival started June 15 with the Wine and Brew Review and finished June 16 with a concert on Main Street.

The Twin Parks Summer Festival kicked off with the Wine and Brew Review in the East Twin Park June 15 at 5:30 p.m. The review featured six breweries, four wineries and one distillery. Attendees were allowed to sample drinks from each of the participating vendors.

The distillery featured at the review was Restless Spirits from Kansas City, Mo. At the booth was former Brookfield resident Jessica Howe-Bledsoe. Howe-Bledsoe graduated from Brookfield High School in 2004, she is now the event marketing manager for restless. According to Bledsoe-Howe Restless Spirits products are available at Prengers in Brookfield.

Bledsoe-Howe says the distillery has been recognized multiple times.

“We just found out yesterday we won distillery of the year from the New York International Spirits Competition,” Howe-Bledsoe said. “This is the third year we’ve won the award since opening in 2016.”

Bledsoe-Howe added.

“Brookfield is a great community and I’m always happy to come back.”

The Wine and Brew Review ended at 8:30 p.m. The next event was the 5K hosted by the YMCA of Central Missouri June 16. Following the 5K were many events at the Twin Parks. The events included a car and motorcycle show, barbecue contest, games, bingo, music, food, beverages and a 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

There were five participants in the barbecue contest, many of which showed up the evening of June 15 to get started. The contest featured awards for brisket, chicken, pork and ribs. Awards were given to first place and runner-up in each category. First place finishers received $150, runner-ups received $50. Andrew Barber from Uncle Drew’s barbecue won first place in brisket and pork, Shane Renshaw from Smoke Jockeys won first place in chicken and Paul Rodgers from Smokin’ Rednecks took first place in ribs. The competition was sponsored by B&B Welding.

For Andrew Barber, he just loves barbecue.

“I’ve been barbecuing and smoking for about four years,” Barber said. “I’m the standing champion of the Linneus barbecue competition.”

The 3-on-3 basketball tournament featured more than 20 teams in nine different divisions. According to Nathan Stufflebean, this is the first time to basketball tournament has been featured at the summer festival since 2012.

Stufflebean says he brought the tournament back for area kids.

“We knew this was a fun event for the community and wanted to let the kids have some fun,” Stufflebean said.

Division winners of the basketball tournament received a trophy and runner-ups received medals. The winners of the eight and under girls division was team Shayne Lumsden. Winners of the 10 and under girls division was team Holly Sensenich. Winners of the 12 and under girls division was team Maddie Lumsden. Winners of the 14 and under girls division was team Alex Sharp. Winners of the 17 and under girls division was team Kaylee Stufflebean. Winners of the 18 and older girls division was team Miranda White. Winners of the 10 and under boys division was team Brock McLaury. Winners of the 14 and under boys division was team Trent Bloss. Winners of the 17 and under boys division was team Kunkel. Winners of the 18 and older boy division was team Beau Kunkel.

Awards were given out for many categories for the car and bike show. There were several classes featured for cars and trucks. Dan Mahurin won best paint, best modified car from 1960-1969 and best in show for his muscle car.

The summer festival featured many vendors from around the community and some visiting Brookfield for the first time. Holly Oliver owner of By the Wildflower Boutique came from Centertown, Mo. Oliver had clothes and accessories available at her booth during the summer festival.

The final event for the summer festival was the concert on Main Street. The concert featured performers Jon Langston and Adam Craig from Nashville, Tenn. The performance started at 8 p.m. with Craig.

Craig says he was happy to play for Brookfield.

“We just released a new song last week and we’re very excited to play it for Brookfield,” Craig said. “It was awesome and we’re very thankful to everyone in Brookfield.”

Following the performance, Craig and his band headed back to Tennessee to record more songs for their upcoming album.