A Linn County family recently learned one young family member was drafted by a major league baseball team.

Tyler McKay grew up near Kansas City, Mo. and has played in national competitions before being drafted into the MLB earlier this month.

Tyler McKay grew up near Kansas City, Mo. and has been playing baseball since he was 5 years old. Before getting to high school, McKay played in multiple national tournaments. At 12 years old, McKay and his team took third place at a national competition in Florida.

According to McKay, the third place finish made him consider baseball more seriously.

“That was when things started to get more serious for me,” McKay said.

McKay pitched for the Blue Springs South varsity baseball team during his junior and senior years. While pitching for the varsity team McKay threw two no-hitters.

McKay graduated from Blue Springs South in 2016 and pitched for Kansas State University for three semesters. McKay then went to Howard Community College in Big Spring, Tx. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Business, McKay then committed to Arizona State University before being picked up by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 16th round of this year’s MLB draft.

McKay has been named to several all-conference, all-district and all-area teams as a pitcher and as a utility player. He has also received awards for games won, academics and all-rookie academic at K State.

For McKay, he’s excited to continue playing baseball.

“I’m excited to figure out where I can go and work my way up from there,” McKay said.

McKay added.

“I’m just excited to live my dream, this isn’t something very many people get to do.”

Tyler’s mom Angie McKay grew up in Brookfield and attended Brookfield High School. McKay was a member of the class of ‘89. McKay attended the University of Central Missouri after high school and then moved to Blue Springs, Mo. afterward.

McKay stayed very active while living in Brookfield. She played basketball, softball and was on the track team. According to McKay, her dad was also an athlete. McKay was serious about sports, until she had a reconstructive knee surgery.

McKay says she is very excited for her son.

“This is amazing, I can’t believe it,” McKay said. “This is just as much of a ‘dream come true,’ for me as it is for Tyler.”

Even while Tyler was in Kansas and Texas, McKay always found time to go to her son’s home baseball games.

McKay says she and Tyler have been working toward this moment for a long time.

“Tyler and I would pack up the car and drive to a competition pretty much every weekend from January to August,” McKay said. “We did that for many-many years.”

Many members of McKay’s family still reside in Linn County. McKay’s parents live in New Boston. According to McKay, she has many more cousins and family members living in Brookfield, Laclede and Meadville. McKay’s maiden name is Evans.