William Coyle, a Brookfield resident, was arrested June 15 by the Brookfield Police Department for animal neglect.

Brookfield Police took 11 other animals from the home the same day, they are now being examined. Additional charges are pending.

Brookfield Police arrived at a residence on Pennsylvania Street at 7:09 p.m. responding to complaints of animal neglect. After arriving, police arrested William Coyle, 41 of Brookfield, at 8:30 p.m. for animal neglect.

Brookfield police took 11 additional animals from the residence while there. Additional statements are being accepted by Brookfield police regarding the living quality of the animals.

Coyle was released at 10:17 p.m. with an Associate court summons for animal neglect. Additional charges are pending while the other animals are being examined.

One dog in Coyle’s possession, was a puppy named Brook. The dog was given to Coyle by his neighbors Bonnie and Ravin Macheras. The Macheras’ remember Brook as a loving puppy.

Ravin Macheras visited Coyle’s residence for a garage sale and asked to see the dog. Macheras noticed immediately the pup was in poor health. Shortly thereafter Macheras took the dog back home, his wife Bonnie called Brookfield police upon receiving Brook.

For Bonnie Macheras, the experience has been hard.

“This is horrific, I’m crushed,” Macheras said.

The Macheras’ have set up a go fund me page in conjunction with the Illinois based animal rescue group K9s4U. K9s4U will be in charge of all financing for Brook’s recovery. Macheras has also organized a Facebook page, so people can follow along with Brook’s recovery.

Macheras says she is excited by the support so far.

“All of the support has been amazing,” Macheras said. “The prayers and positive energy will really help Brook to recover.”