The Marceline Board of Education voted unanimously June 18 to add girls wrestling to the school’s sports offerings.

During the June meeting the board also added new policies and regulations and discussed having dual participation for all school sponsored sports.

The Marceline Board of Education met June 18 at 5:30 p.m. to discuss adding a new girls sport, new student handbooks and other business. The board discussed the possibility of adding one of three girls sports with the availability of adding another at a later date. In a unanimous vote, the board added girls wrestling to the school’s sports offerings.

The board discussed other possible girls sports, like volleyball and cross country. Board members opted for girls wrestling, which starts in the winter as opposed to this fall.

The Marceline School District needed to add another girls sport to be compliant with Title IX. During the May meeting the board voted to add boys baseball for the next school year, which created an imbalance of boys and girls sports.

Board members unanimously passed new handbooks for middle schoolers and high schoolers. The handbooks have new policies regarding bullying, technology and student educational records. The board approved adding the new policies rather than rewriting the handbook.

According to Marceline High School principal Matt Finch, he wants to make the schools a great learning environment.

“We have to address bullying,” Finch said. “[The policies] are here to provide a safer environment for everyone.”

The new bullying policy addresses cyberbullying and defines what bullying is for students, parents and teachers. According to the bullying policy/regulation 2655, bullying is the intentional action by an individual or group to inflict intimidation, aggressive behavior or harassment.

The new technology policy and student records policy help establish new rules. The technology use agreement states internet use may only be used by students only when related to classroom work. The policy applies to school devices and personal devices. The student educational records policy establishes specific information regarding student’s records. The policy states a cumulative record will maintained for each student. The record will be kept from the student’s first admittance to the district, until the student graduates, or last date of attendance.

Board members voted unanimously to add new regulations regarding homeless students and students in foster care. The new policies and regulations were made available to the school by Missouri Consultants for Education. The new regulations make sure the school district will teach and care for homeless students and students in foster care. The district removed two similar regulations to add the new policies and regulations.

In other business, board members discussed having all sports be eligible for dual participation. Dual participation allows students to be members of multiple sports teams during the same season. Other area schools allow dual participation for some, or all sports. Board members discussed having dual participation being allowed for all school sports. Ultimately, the board needed more clarification on how many students would want to play for multiple teams and a cutoff for preventing students from participating in multiple sports if grades should become an issue. The board voted unanimously to move the topic to the July board of education meeting.