The Marceline City Council met June 19 to approve a reduction in residential electric rates for Marceline citizens.

The council also met with E-911 director Dan King and Linn County Circuit Clerk candidate Amber Boley during the June meeting.

The Marceline City Council approved new residential electric rates after two months of discussion. The council invited electric consultant Bob Harbour to the April and May council meetings to discuss possible reductions for residential, commercial and industrial rates. After two months of discussion, the council passed Bill No. 18-06.026 on a five-to-one vote to reduce residential electric rates by five percent. Councilwoman Liz Cupp was the lone no-vote.

According to Cupp, she wanted a significant reduction.

“I think this reduction is a, ‘slap in the face,’” Cupp said. “You’d really have to use a lot of electricity in order to notice a reduction.”

Cupp continued.

“This [reduction] is long overdue,” Cupp said. “I believe the reduction should be higher.”

City manager Richard Hoon says this is a positive move for Marceline.

“This is one part of many things we still need to discuss,” Hoon said.

Councilwoman Sally Buck sided with Hoon.

“This [reduction] is a step in the right direction,” Buck said.

The new residential electric rate is reduced by five percent. The rate has taken effect after the June meeting. Residents will be able to view the how much money was saved by the reduction on their August electric bill.

Council members chose the five-percent reduction to keep the city general fund from dipping into the red. Currently the revenue produced by the city electric rate props up the Marceline general fund.

Linn County Circuit Clerk candidate Amber Boley and E-911 director Dan King met with council members and Marceline citizens during the June meeting. Boley discussed why she is running for Circuit Clerk and how she can help Linn County. King met with the city council to brief them on the progress of Linn County E-911.

For Boley, she hopes to help Linn County citizens.

“I’m running [for Circuit Clerk] because I have the right skill set and experience,” Boley said. “I’m passionate about the work and I want to help Linn County as best I can.”

Boley is currently a deputy clerk in Linn County. The election for circuit clerk will be held Aug. 7.

King says E-911 could be available soon.

“I can’t give you a hard date, but my hope is to have the service available just after Jan. 1,” King said.

King was recently appointed as the emergency management director and the local emergency planning committee chair. King has been the E-911 director since being hired by Linn County E-911 at the beginning of May.

The council approved a bill amendment, accepted a clarifier bid and approved city liquor licenses during the June meeting. A bill amendment, Bill No. 18-06.028 was approved unanimously by the city council to adjust the pricing for contracting and demolition of nuisance buildings in Marceline. The original cap on spending was $5,000, the amendment increased the spending limit to $10,000.

The council unanimously accepted a low bid from Fab Tech Wastewater in O’Fallon, Mo. to repair and return the city’s clarifier. The bid from Fab Tech was $24,500 and was the lowest bid by $12,500. The clarifier treats the city’s wastewater. The time table provided by Fab Tech for the repair and return required less time than the other vendors.

Council members unanimously approved seven liquor licenses. Liquor licenses are approved annually each June. Every business, which already had a liquor license, chose to purchase a new license from the city.

In other business, council members unanimously approved street closures for the Fourth of July parade. Staging for street closures will begin July 4 at 3 p.m. and streets will be closed promptly at 4:45 p.m. before the parade begins. Street affected by the closures will be; Main Street USA from W. Santa Fe Avenue to W. Walker Street, W. Walker Street from Main Street USA to S. Chestnut Street, Chestnut Street from W. Walker Street to W. Lake Street and W. Lake Street from W. Chestnut Street to Main Street USA.

All sides roads will be closed by orange cones, volunteer firemen, police officers and emergency vehicles to ensure public safety. Parking will be allowed on Main Street USA prior to 4:45 p.m. July 4. Extended cab and long bed trucks are discouraged from parking on Main Street USA, however. A map and with this information will be made available to citizens prior to July 4. The affected roads will reopen following the end of the parade.