Shiante McMahon is currently the only person on the ballot running for Linn County Prosecuting Attorney for this year’s primary election.

Originally from Southern California, McMahon has been around the country, but living and working in Missouri for the past three-and-a-half years.

McMahon graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in psychology and headed to Louisiana State in Baton Rouge, La. for law school. According to McMahon, she chose Louisiana to study civil law and common law. After graduating from Louisiana State McMahon took a job with Homeland Security.

According to McMahon, this line of work has always been for her.

“I’m fascinated by people, why they make decisions and what we can do for them,” McMahon said.

About three-and-a-half years ago, a job opened up in Moberly for a public defendant. McMahon wanting the courtroom experience, applied and was hired shortly thereafter. Working as a public defender McMahon took a lot of cases in Linn County.

“My first county after taking the job was Linn County,” McMahon said. “After I came here I fell in love with [Linn County].”

Last July, McMahon decided to move to Brookfield to pursue taking over as Linn County’s next Prosecuting Attorney. Since January, McMahon has filed and is the lone candidate on the ballot.

McMahon says she’s been making her rounds in Linn County.

“The game plan has been to go to city council meetings, chamber of commerce meetings, club meetings, to get my name out there,” McMahon said. “I’m going any place that will have me to meet everyone in Linn County.”

According to McMahon, she wants to help everyone in Linn County.

“My goal is not to make everyone a felon,” McMahon said. “I’ll use every legal tool I have to prove my point.”

According to McMahon, the biggest challenge for her and Linn County is curbing drug use.

“I am going to formulate a plan about solving the drug problem [in Linn County],” McMahon said.

McMahon would like to implement a drug treatment program for drug offenders. She would also like to address domestic assault and human trafficking.

The current Linn County Prosecuting Attorney is Tracy Carlson. Carlson has decided not to run for reelection. Earlier this year Carlson was the prosecuting attorney for Linn County and Chariton County. Since Jan. 1 2003, Carlson has served as the Linn County Prosecuting Attorney.

Carlson says he does not want to run for reelection again.

“I’ve been blessed to have this position for 15-and-a-half years,” Carlson said.

The Linn County Primary Election is set for Nov. 6. The date has past for names to be added to this year’s ballot, but citizens may run as a write-in.