Citizens from Brookfield want to bring the community together with the creation of a new community garden.

Just off E. Boston Street in Brookfield, a new community garden can be seen with many different types of vegetables growing.

A commercial lot was purchased this past winter by Brookfield resident Shane Hutson on E. Boston Street. Since this May, the lot has been used as the Brookfield Community Garden.

According to Hutson, the land is more than a garden.

“I want everyone to come to the garden with your parents, or your kids and make a memory together,” Hutson said.

Hutson believes in helping the community through volunteer work. The main reason Hutson started the community garden was to mend ties, which he feels may be broken.

“We are more divided now, than ever before,” Hutson said. “We’re divided socially, politically and I honestly feel if people can put those divisions aside, we can come together as a community.”

Growing up in Tennessee, Hutson was used to having a family garden. Since coming to Brookfield, this has been Hutson’s biggest gardening project.

According to Hutson, the garden is completely open to the community.

“Sweat equity is not required, money is not required,” Hutson said. “This gives children, teens and parents something to do with the whole family.”

The garden has already received some community support. Tools, a scarecrow and volunteer time have been given to the garden. So far more than 12 citizens have helped out at the garden, some of them coming many times since May.

Hutson welcomes everyone to visit the garden.

“Come on over and be a part of the community,” Hutson said. “Mom and dad bring your kids and take a picture with [the garden] and post it to Facebook.”

Hutson hopes to expand the garden, get more people involved and add a sign. The graden is organic, no pesticides have been used on the vegetables. The garden has tomatoes, cauliflower, corn, lettuce, onions and watermelon currently growing. The hope is to keep adding more vegetables and expand the selection.

The Brookfield Community Garden is located on E. Boston Street, before the Brookfield Eagles building. According to Hutson, the garden is open anytime of the day for the rest of the summer and foreseeable future. The garden also has a Facebook page to keep citizens updated, it can be found by searching for Brookfield Mo Community Garden.