The new Marceline School District Superintendent Brian Sherrow officially took office July 1.

Sherrow has previously been a secondary principal, teacher and coach for the Marceline School District before taking on this new role.

Brian Sherrow has already spent nine years with the Marceline School District before taking on the role of Superintendent July 1. Sherrow got his teaching start in Marceline, before heading to Chillicothe. Sherrow was previously been the head boys wrestling coach and an assistant coach for the football team as well as being a teacher and the secondary principal.

Sherrow left Marceline to take a job at his alma mater, Chillicothe High School, as the principal. Sherrow stayed at Chillicothe for seven years. At that time, he didn’t know if he would make it back to Marceline.

According to Sherrow, he was not expecting the superintendent job to become available.

“It was the right time, it’s not like I was beating the bush trying to take the job,” Sherrow said. “The opportunity to come back was unexpected, but I’m very happy to be back and take on the challenge.”

Sherrow says he’s ready for the job.

“I’m digging deep learning about the budget, understanding what’s taking place something,” Sherrow said. “I have been asking questions, taking notes and listening to something. I believe the most important role as superintendent is to be the district’s chief financial officer.”

Sherrow continued.

“I hope to maintain the momentum Dr. Edgar had when it comes to facility upgrades, new building projects, increases in technology to name a few,” Sherrow said.

Previously Dr. Gabe Edgar had held the position of Marceline Superintendent for 11 years. In that time, Edgar has passed a few bond issues including the April no-tax bond issue to pay for school improvements, including a new high school roof and new parking areas.

The district is moving this year to have one piece of technology for every student. For Sherrow, he believes this will propel Marceline forward.

“The opportunity to go one-to-one is great benefit for all of the kids in the district,” Sherrow said. “They will have a lot more access to things globally and greater learning opportunities through the new technology.”

According to Sherrow, most of the decisions for this coming school year had already been made before July 1. Although these major decisions had already been made, Sherrow is not afraid to take risks to keep Marceline a high-achieving district.

Sherrow’s daughter will be a freshman at Mizzou this fall. Both Sherrow’s are tigers once again.

Sherrow and his brother are both first year superintendents this fall. Each first year superintendent is assigned a mentor by the state, Sherrow’s will be Chillicothe Superintendent Dr. Roger Barnes.

Sherrow says he feels like he is back home.

“It’s a very comfortable feeling coming back to the community,” Sherrow said. “The only thing I’m nervous about is not being nervous.”