Former Brookfield resident Dianna Muller is hoping to change the public’s opinion on guns by supporting meetings between citizens and Congress.

Muller is an accomplished athlete in the shooting sports world having won awards at national and international competitions.

Dianna Muller, formerly Dianna Liedorf, grew up in Brookfield and graduated from Brookfield High School. Back then, Muller attended youth sporting competitions and enjoyed eating at Tastee Treat. Now, Muller is an accomplished shooting sports athlete having won many awards and still manages to find time for Tastee Treat when she’s back in town.

Having been around shooting sports and guns since she was 16-years-old, Muller is used to firearms and is a proud gun owner. Recently Muller has started a program for female gun owners being able to meet their representatives in Congress.

Muller started the D.C. Project in 2015 to demystify the average gun owner to our Congress. After making contacts with representatives and senators, Muller began inviting women gun owners to Washington D.C. and arranging meetings. So far Muller has been able to arrange 55 of these meetings with women from 42 states.

According to Muller, she wants to provide awareness of gun owners.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions about being a gun owner,” Muller said. “We want to create a relationship between gun owners and legislators. We want [Congress] to understand firearms, firearm safety and have a professional as a resource.”

According to Muller, there are participants of the D.C. Project who have been put in bad situations.

“Mary schuster was beaten and stabbed 17 times and raped in her own home during a daytime home invasion,” Muller said. “[She was] Left for dead, but Survived.”

Muller began competing in pistol competitions when she was 16-years-old. According to Muller, it was just a hobby then. Muller started competing in three-gun competitions in 2009.

Muller says three-gun is exhilarating.

“Three-gun is like the X-Games of shooting sports,” Muller said. “The courses are all different. There’s running, jumping and of course shooting.”

Muller has won two second place titles at the International Practical Shooting Confederation Shotgun World Shoot, IPSC. Muller finished second in Italy in 2015 and took another second place title this year at the same event in Chateauroux, France. In 2015 and 2018, the U.S. team took the gold medal at IPSC. Muller has won many more national awards and world titles for shooting at other competitions.

Muller’s father, Dick Liedorf says he’s impressed by his daughters accomplishments.

“My daughter left Brookfield to help people and win awards, I think that’s very cool,” Liedorf said. “She’s a world champion and I still argue with her like she’s 16.”

Liedorf is also a proud gun owner learning how to shoot when he was 6-years-old. Currently, Liedorf teaches a concealed carry class open to residents in and around Linn County.

Muller retired from the Tulsa Police Department after 22 years on the force. Between competing at many competitions and visiting her family in Brookfield, Muller is also a co-host for “Shooting Gallery,” a TV show on the Outdoor Channel.

Muller says it didn’t happen overnight.

“It takes a lot of time to be a professional shooter and found a national organization,” Muller said.