The Brookfield School District recently received 548 Chromebooks and 22 technology carts allowing the district to go 1-to-1 for devices per students.

The added technology is part of the district’s comprehensive school improvement plan to make learning and knowledge more accessible for students.

The Brookfield School District director of instructional technology Matt Anderson, has been hard at work for the past couple weeks working with the Brookfield School District’s new technology. Anderson along with a small group, have been setting up the new Chromebooks, cataloging the technology and securing everything in the new technology carts.

As part of the Brookfield School District’s comprehensive school improvement plan, CSIP, the district is prepared to go 1-to-1 for devices and students this coming school year.

According to Brookfield Superintendent Dr. Kyle Collins, the new technology is a step in the right direction.

“Part of the vision for the CSIP was to create a technology based environment because that’s the world these students will be entering once they finish school,” Collins said.

The district has received 548 Chromebooks and 22 technology carts. Still on the way, are three more technology carts at 81 Ipads for use with Kindergarten and early elementary students.

Anderson says the new tech will broaden the learning environment.

“[Students] can now use online instruction as well,” Anderson said. “They can do homework on their Chromebooks and not have to worry about losing a piece of paper.”

According to Anderson, it took about a day to setup the Chromebooks with the school’s wireless system and it took about a week to catalog all of the new devices.

Collins says the carts are an investment for the future.

“The carts will outlast the devices we currently have,” Collins said. “As we get new devices we will still be able to reuse the carts.”

The Linn County Area Career and Technical Center will receive one technology cart, Brookfield Elementary will receive three carts, Brookfield Middle School will receive six carts and Brookfield High School will receive 15 carts. Each technology cart is fully maneuverable and can hold about 30 Chromebooks.

As previously reported, the Chromebooks are on a four-year lease for $34,315 each year. The district will be allowed to purchase the devices for $1 each when the lease is finished. The district has spent $50,000 total on the devices and carts for this coming school year.