The Marceline Board of Education met July 17 to approve dual participation, new policies and bids for new school furniture.

The board also discussed possible areas for district improvement after the bond issue projects are completed.

The Marceline Board of Education met July 17 at 5:30 p.m. for their monthly meeting. The first item on the agenda, dual participation, was leftover from the June meeting. Then, the board decided to get more information before voting. Monday, the board voted 3-to-1 to approve dual participation for all school sponsored sports. The lone nay vote came from school board President Tom Hauser.

According to Hauser, he believes the rule may hinder participation.

"While dual participation increases options for student athletes, and likely will result in better overall team performance in terms of wins and losses, my years of experience as an athletic director and secondary principal have convinced me that it will discourage athletes with less natural ability from participating in school athletics,” Hauser said. “That is why I have consistently opposed dual participation for over thirty years."

According to the rule, students must obtain a signed request from the athletic director to participate in two sports during the same season. Students will be held to all MSHAA eligibility standards for dual participation. A student must quit a primary, secondary sport three weeks before the first district contest of that sport. A students may quit only the secondary sport, or both sports after the deadline.

The board unanimously passed three policies regarding website access, at-risk students and screenings for Dyslexia. The district shall appoint a third party to review content for the website and manage material posted. The website accessibility policy is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The policy regarding at-risk students offers identification of at-risk behavior for teachers and staff. The policy also states the district will offer academic and career counseling for any at-risk students. The third policy covers screenings for Dyslexia for Kindergarten through third grade students. The district will annually test each year until the students enter the fourth grade. Students exempt from testing are those already diagnosed with Dyslexia, students with sensory impairment, students with severe intellectual disabilities and students who are English learners and/or screening interpretation is not available.

The board read a regulation for the first time during the monthly meeting regarding harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Regulation 1300 is the Prohibition Against Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation. The regulation has been suggested by the state for all Missouri schools to adopt the regulation, although it is not mandatory to implement. The board will vote on the regulation during the August board meeting.

The board accepted bids for new playground tile and school furniture. A bid for $56,762.50 was accepted by the board from National Playground for new tile at the Early Learning Center playground. The board is also waiting on potential grant money to help pay for the new tile, but had to accept the bid first. A bid for new elementary school furniture was accepted from School Specialty Furniture and Equipment for $39027.74. The new furniture includes soft seating, chairs, tables and desks for Walt Disney Elementary. Both bids accepted were the lowest bids. The elementary furniture will arrive after school begins and will not include set up from the company.

In other business, Brian Sherrow’s first superintendent’s report included possible future projects. The districts recent no-tax bond issue included a facility parking, technology and roof repairs for the high school. With the facility parking nearing completion and the roof bids coming in lower than expected, the district has more money to complete projects with. Sherrow sought guidance from the board about what projects could be completed cheaply. The first potential use of the extra money could be repaving the high school entrance. The board decided to wait until the roof is finished to start allocating money.