The ninth annual Brookfield High School alumni weekend planned by the Alumni Association began July 20.

The weekend included a golf tournament, softball tournament, parade, banquet and plenty of re-connecting for many graduates.

The ninth annual Brookfield Alumni Weekend kicked off with the alumni golf tournament at the Brookfield Country Club July 20. Eleven teams of six players competed at the tournament. The first place team was comprised of: Jim Wickizer, Lester Taylor, Daniel Littrell, Joel Dixon, Jonathan Black and Richard Parker. The second place team was comprised of: Bill and CJ Sayre, Alison and Shawn Sayre, Jeff Sayre, Doug Hale and Shane Head. The third place team had, Mike McCollum, Luke Carmical, Matt O’Toole, Austin Cupp, William Tschannen, Megan Rodgers.

The next event for the weekend was the party in the East Twin Park. The event featured tents from graduation classes past and more recent. Attendees reconnected with their classmates and met with members from other classes.

Music for the event was provided by local entertainment company Top Sound, which is owner and operated by Brookfield High School alumni Nathan Stufflebean. Stufflebean also created the “Dragging Down Memory Main,” logo.

According to Brookfield High School alumni Robert Knowles, he was excited to reconnect.

“I wanted to ge to know everyone again,” Knowles said. “This is going to be really fun.”

This is the first alumni event Knowles has attended since graduating in the class of ‘83. The only other time Knowles attended a such event was for his 15th high school reunion.

Brookfield High School alumni Scotty Reams agrees with Knowles.

“I’m excited to see all of my old classmates,” Reams said.

Reams graduated in the class of ‘98 and has been attending class reunions and alumni events since then.

The next event for the alumni weekend was the softball tournament at Graff Field. The first place finishers for the event were the The Yellow Creek Mud Daubers. They were able to hold off the Brew Crew, for the 2018 Championship. Team members included, Lesley Paalhar Hane, Gerrit Hane, Brian Ehrich, Andrew Paalhar, Damon Collins, Todd Lowther, Eric Paalhar, Sara Jessen Paalhar, Scott Paalhat, Whitney Henderson and Jacklyn Weydert.

A semi-finalist softball team, which included David King made a promise to grandma Paalhar.

“[The] Paalhar’s are not getting that trophy in 2019,” King said.

The Alumni Parade Spectacular, Spectacular began just after noon July 21 on Main Street. The parade included 20 class floats, a few muli-class floats, the Brookfield High School Marching Band, BHS hall of famers and the Tri-County Shriners.

The parade was judged by several previous teachers from Brookfield High School. The teachers included, Timi Haag, Dave Shaw, Sarah Mosley and Jim Hart.

According to Brookfield Economic Development coordinator Becky Cleveland, the judges were blown away.

“The judges were very impressed with all of the entries,” Cleveland said. “The judges wanted to be impressed and you did it.”

Immediately after the parade, entrants gathered at Pigskin Pub and Pizza for the results. The first place team was the class of ‘83 for their float inspired by, “National Lampoon’s Family Vacation.” Second place was the class of ‘79 with their theme being, “Come Sail Away,” which featured a song and dance number set to the tune of the same name. Third place was awarded to the class of ‘78, for their float inspired by, “Saturday Night Fever,” which included a song and dance number.

The Thudium family and the Hayen family were both recognized for their support of the parade and the alumni association.

Events continued July 21 with live music at the Helm Street Inn and the BHS alumni banquet and hall of fame ceremony. This year three alumni were inducted into the hall of fame. They were, Jim Elliott, Rogene Hayen Smith and Henry Williams.