The Hecke family held a going away party at the McDonald’s in Brookfield before heading to Walt Disney World this week.

The Heckes are being supported on their trip by the Dream Factory and left for Orlando, Fla. July 27.

The Hecke family held a going away party at the Brookfield McDonalds July 24 before their to Walt Disney World. The going away was attended by friends and other family members. The family says they are excited to give Kaitlyn this experience.

Kaitlyn’s teacher Marie Jobson with Head Start attended the going away party. Jobson works with Kaitlyn’s speech, social behavior and motor skills.

According to Jobson, she’s happy for the family.

“I’m very excited for the family,” Jobson said. “I wish I could go with them.”

Kaitlyn’s uncle Jaret Jackson says the trip will be fun.

“I think this will be a great experience for [Kaitlyn],” Jackson said. “I think it’ll be a fun time for me too.”

The Heckes and Jackson have never visited Walt Disney World previously. Kaitlyn’s grandmother is attending with them as well. Kaitlyn is excited to meet many Disney characters, but most excited to meet Mickey Mouse.

Recently the Heckes were also given a complimentary tour of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum from museum director Peter Whitehead. They were also given shirts from the museum for their trip to Disney World.

As previously reported, Kaitlyn Hecke, the middle daughter of Amy and Terry Hecke, of Brookfield. Kaitlyn was born with a rare condition called gastroschisis. The condition is notable for having babies born with a portion of the intestines on the outside of the body. Since Kaitlyn was born in 2015, she has been in and out of the hospital due to the condition.

A dream granting group called the Dream Factory received an application to support Kaitlyn, they have done just that. Rita Hook, representative of the Northwest chapter of the Dream Factory has completely funded the Hecke’s trip to Walt Disney World.

The Heckes will return for Florida next week.