The Missouri Primary Election is set for Aug. 7 and will decide who will be on the ballot for several races in November.

The primary will decide who will be on the ballot for Senatorial District 18 as well as who will represent Missouri in Congress.

There are several hotly contested races gearing up for the November Missouri General Election. Next week will be the Missouri Primary Election, which will decide the candidates who make it to November.

Currently running for election in Missouri’s 18th Senatorial District are Nate Walker, Cindy O’Laughlin, Crystal Stephens, Lindell Schumake and Craig Redmon. Stephens is the lone democrat running and has a secured seat for the General Election. Walker, Schumake, O’Laughlin and Redmon are all running as Republicans. O’Laughlin is a local businesswoman and has not served previously in a public office. Redmon, Walker and Schumake have all served in the Missouri State Congress.

The sitting District 18 Senator Brian Munzlinger is not running for reelection. The 18th District covers Adair County, Linn County, Macon County, Randolph County, Marion County, Chariton Clark, Knox County, Lewis County, Pike County, Ralls County, Schuyler County, Scotland County and Shelby County.

The Primary Election will also decided who will make it to the November ballot for Missouri’s next U.S. Senator. Democrat Claire McCaskill is the incumbent having served since 2006. There are six others vying for the Democrat bid. On the Republican side, there are also many candidates running. In total, there are 11 candidates on the Republican side. Japheth Campbell is running for the Libertarian Party, Jo Crain and Jerome Bauer are both candidates for the Green Party.

In other local elections, there are two races for District 6 and District 7 Representatives. Both incumbents are Republicans being challenged by two local Democrats. Incumbent Tim Remole has been the District 6 Rep. since 2012. He is being contested for the seat by local Mitch Wrenn. Rep. Rusty Black is the District 7 incumbent having just finished his first term in office. Black is being challenged for the seat from local Democrat Dennis Van Dyke.

There are three ballot measures for the Primary Election. Two local measures concern Meadville Township. The first is asking residents if Meadville should incorporate a Fire Protection District. The other local ballot measure is asking voters if the Meadville Fire Protection District would be allowed to impose an ad valorem property tax at the rate of 30-cents per $100 of assessed valuation. The last ballot measure concerns the state of Missouri and is asking Missourians to make unions non-mandatory. Proposition A would adopt Senate Bill 19, which would make Missouri a “Right to Work,” state.

Many polls will be open as early as 6 a.m. and will close at 7 p.m. Polling locations in Linn County include: Baker Township, North Salem Township, Benton North, Benton South, Brookfield Ward 1, Brookfield Ward 2, Brookfield Ward 3, Brookfield Ward 4, Bucklin Township, Enterprise Township, Grantsville Township, Jackson Township, Clay Township, Parson Creek Township, Jefferson Township, Locust Creek Township, Marceline Ward 1, Marceline Ward 2, Marceline Ward 3, Marceline Ward 4 and Yellow Creek Township. A listing of these polling locations and their addresses, as well as a sample ballot can be found in recent editions of the Linn County Leader.