The Marceline City Council met in an impromptu meeting Aug. 9 to discuss a plan for the concession stand in Ripley Park.

Later in the meeting the council passed a bill declaring a service agreement with Downtown Marceline for their director search initiative.

Four of the five Marceline City Council members met at 6 p.m. with members of the Marceline Park Board to discuss a plan for the concession stand in Ripley Park. The original plan laid out during the July council meeting planned for demolished first, then construction set for late 2019.

City Manager Rich Hoon discussed a new plan of hiring an architect first, then moving ahead with demolish and finally construction of a new concession stand.

“I want to keep the same timeline and add a professionally licensed architect,” Hoon said. “This would buy some time for demolition and make sure we have the funds together.”

The council and park board agreed for Hoon to send out a request for qualifications for an architect following the Thursday meeting. Members of the park board said this would be a better solution than to potentially rush the project.

The city is also looking into grants for the construction and may plan to revitalize the Southeast corner of Ripley Park. According to Hoon, many similar grants funded last year included playground work, or adding recreational area. Grant money would not be awarded until 2019.

The city will tear down the concession stand as soon as they have a plan in place for the future concession stand.

In other business, Marceline City Council unanimously passed Bill No. 18-08.036 for a two year service agreement with Downtown Marceline. As previously reported, Marceline City, Missouri Mainstreet Connection and Downtown Marceline each agreed to partially fund a director for the Downtown Marceline group. Marceline Mayor Tyson Brammer authorized a contract with Downtown Marceline during the May city council meeting.

It was found out later, the city needed to have a service agreement in addition to the original contract.

“We wanted to make sure nothing came back on the city in the future,” Hoon said.

The city is not giving Downtown Marceline anymore money, but is outlining their agreement with the group over the course of two years, per the original contract. The service agreement requires the Downtown Marceline director to serve as a contact person and coordinate activity with the council.

As previously reported, city council agreed to give Downtown Marceline $10,000 for two years to help fund a director. Recently the Downtown Marceline director search ended when Marceline resident Toni Sportsman was chosen to be the groups director. Downtown Marceline hopes the position will be self-funding through various grants. The Downtown Marceline director is currently the only paid position, the rest of the members being volunteers.