The Linn County Airport Board met Tuesday to approve an authorization for non-matching grant from MoDOT.

The board also discussed repairs to the airport’s courtesy car and a local company who may want to build a hangar at the airport.

As previously reported, the North Central Missouri Regional Airport Board is moving forward with a non-matching grant from MoDOT. Earlier this year the White House signed an omnibus spending bill, which allotted more than $3 billion for airport improvement programs. MoDOT will be accepting the grant applications for Missouri and administering the money after the grants are approved.

The board unanimously gave authorization to engineering consultant Brian Garkie to fill out the grant application for the airport. The board hopes to use the grant money for new taxiway lighting. Once Garkie fills out the application, it will be sent to MoDOT.

The airport board also discussed recent repairs to the airport’s courtesy car. Last week, the courtesy car broke down on U.S. Highway 36. The driver at the time had stopped in Linn County to refuel their plane. Smith Motor Co. gave the airport a loaner car while they repaired the first vehicle. The courtesy car has since been fixed, only needing $50 worth of repairs.

According to board member Gary Carlson, he thinks the board may want to look for a new vehicle.

“I’m all for upgrading [the car] whenever we need to,” Carlson said. “We can set aside some money to try and find another car.”

The current courtesy car is a 1998 sedan with approximately 149,000 miles. The car was donated to the airport when they opened.

In other business, a Macon company may be looking to build a hangar at the airport. OnShore Outsourcing is looking to store their private plane in a local hangar. Previously, they had kept their plane in Kirksville, but they have since had to find a new home for the plane.

Two employees from OnShore will be visiting North Central Missouri Regional Airport Friday to view the area. If they are interested in the airport, they will need to build their own hangar. The company has until March 2019 to find a hangar for their plane.

OnShore is an outsourcing company providing technological solutions for other companies. The company is based in Macon, but may soon be expanding.