A Marceline fire engine is getting new life with a repaired waterous pump, which will cost about $10,000 to fix.

Recently the waterous pump went out after the seals on the pump failed making the pump unable to hold water.

A problem with one of the Marceline fire engines was noticed about a month ago, when the waterous pump was leaking water. The main failure was linked to the mechanical seals inside the pump, which are fragile according to Safety One repairman Jack Gulledge.

Gulledge says the pump worked, just not correctly.

“It was still pumping water, but the seals were all worn out,” Gulledge said. “It wasn’t being very efficient.”

The waterous pump has two seals, which are both necessary. There is one seal at the front of the pump and one at the back keeping the water inside. The seals may last a long time, but extreme temperatures wear them out.

Gulledge is the lone man making the repair. Gulledge started Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., he will continue to work into this weekend. The pump repair usually takes three days. The repair involves going under the fire engine, removing the pump, pump gearbox and the impeller shaft, which controls the flow of water. A new kit was ordered to complete the repair.

The fire engine being worked on was purchased new in 1992. The other Marceline fire engine is newer being purchased last year. The newer engine does not need any repairs. The fire department checks the pumps about every two years, which is what Safety One recommends.

A similar model 1992 fire engine would cost about $23,000, $13,000 more than the repair job. The engine is being fixed at the Marceline fire barn as well, reducing other costs.

Safety One is based in Minnesota. Gulledge came to Marceline from a job in Oklahoma. After Marceline, Gulledge will head to Fairfax, Mo., then to Nebraska.