Marceline Police officer John Wright was a special marshal at the PGA Championships in Town and Country, Mo. earlier this month.

While there, Wright was able to give an attending child a memory to last a lifetime.

Marceline Police officer John Wright has been a lifelong golf fan. He’s a golfer as well, hitting the links when he’s not on duty.

Wright and Marceline Police chief Bob Donelson both applied in 2017 to be special marshals for the PGA Championships in Town and Country, Mo. In May of this year, Wright was selected to be a special marshal for the event.

Wright says he’ll always remember the event.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” Wright said.

Wright and the other marshals were stationed around the course, but many were at the practice putting green. Wright was at the practice green as well being within a short distance of Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka and many more. All of the PGA golfers came through the practice green at some point during the day.

While at the practice green, Wright noticed one young fan among the rest. A child by the name of Collin was pressed to the fence shouting for Jordan Spieth who was practicing some puts at the time. Collin was dressed just like his famous golfer and wanted to get the golfer’s attention.

Wright thought he could do something special for the child.

“I thought, I’m going to do something I wish someone would have done for me,” Wright said.

Wright walked over to Spieth and asked if he could give one of his golf balls to the child. Spieth was elated and gave the ball to Wright to give to Collin. Wright gave the ball to Collin and thought he might be able to do something even better.

“I asked [Collin’s] dad if I could be his grandpa for a little bit,” Wright said.

With the help of Collin’s dad, the two lifted the child over the gate and Wright walked with him right up to the putting green. According to Wright, Collin was completely amazed, his eyes as wide as they could be.

After a short amount of time Wright introduced Spieth and Collin. Spieth shook Collin’s hand, ruffled his hair and spoke to him for a bit. Shortly thereafter Wright had to bring Collin back to his dad.

Wright was happy to give the child an experience of a lifetime.

“I just wanted that kid to have a cool experience,” Wright said. “It really meant a lot to me.”

Wright attended the event with his own son Zach. Both Wright’s enjoyed the weekend and meeting many of their favorite golfers and some celebrities.

Wright has been a Marceline Police officer for 16 months and has served as a police officer since 1985. Wright was the only police officer from Linn County who worked as a special marshal at the event. He spent four days at the event and will never forget his time at the 2018 PGA Championships.