The Marceline Board of Education met Monday to approve bids for construction, new lockers, playground equipment and new furniture.

The board also approved the tax rate and added a sixth snow day to the school calendar.

The Marceline Board of Education unanimously approved bids from School Specialty Furniture and Equipment, JLL General Contracting, National Playground and Engineered Industrial Products Inc. A low bid of $23,362.96 was accepted from School Specialty Furniture and Equipment for new classroom furniture. The order includes 69 24 inch by 60 inch tables, 28 20 inch by 33 inch tables, 178 chairs, five 60 inch square tables and 69 chrome leg inserts with casters. A high bid was accepted from Engineered Industrial Products for new locker room lockers. The bid was $10,500 for 60 new lockers for the boys and girls locker rooms. Although the bid was higher, a recommendation from Marceline athletic director Mark Ross suggested the lockers were of better quality. A low bid for Early Learning Center concrete work was accepted from JLL General Contracting. The bid for $25,368 will replace the concrete under the ELC playground. Finally, a high bid for a new ELC playground was accepted from National Playground. The board accepted a bid for $63,033.95, which covers new playground equipment and a shade covering.

All of the facility upgrades are part of the no-tax bond issue passed earlier this year. The bond issue was approved for facility upgrades to the school district. Already, the school has made upgrades to parking. The bond was budgeted with extra funding in case some projects came in more expensive, although some larger projects have come in well below what was originally budgeted. The school district still has about $120,000 to use on other facility upgrades within the next three years.

One larger project being covered by the bond issue is the new high school and middle school roof. The school board will be moving ahead with the roofing project later this fall. The project will begin each day at 2 p.m. and finish by 10 p.m., or 10:30 p.m. until the project is finished. The work would start as students are leaving school and finish when many neighbors are headed to bed.

The school board originally planned for the project to be done this summer. The price for completing the project during the summer would have cost the school district more money and opted to wait for the fall to get a better price.

The Marceline School Board passed a tax rate levy during the monthly meeting as well. The school board unanimously passed a tax rate levy of $4.6172 per $100 of assessed property. The tax rate is lower than last years based on a new state formula.

In other business, a sixth snow day was added to the school district calendar. The school board had to approve a sixth snow day, which was required by the state. The snow day will fall on Dec. 21, if a snow day does not occur before then.