The Marceline City Council met Aug. 21 to approve an ordinance, which gives new rules to the Marceline Planning Commission.

The council also approved their annual tax levy and approved the mayor to sign over a grant to the Marceline Police Department.

The Marceline City Council unanimously approved Ordinance No. 18-08.037 adopting new rules for the Marceline Planning Commission. Previously, Marceline was in accordance with a Missouri statute regarding planning commissions. The previous ruling allowed Marceline to have as few as five members, or as many as 15 members for the commission. The old wording comes from Chapter 405 of the Marceline Municipal Code.

The new ordinance replaces the old municipal code. The ordinance now allows for seven community members to sit on the board and have at least four members to have a quorum. Like the previous ruling, the new ordinance allows for the mayor and a designated council member to sit on the board, in addition to the seven members.

Recently, the Marceline Planning Commission had eight members, but one stepped down. The planning commission will not need to reorganize, luckily they already meet the number of members needed. The board meets as needed without a regular meeting schedule.

The Marceline City Council unanimously approved the annual tax levy. Every year the council must approve a tax levy to fund the city. Only one of the funds changed when the new levy was passed.

The Marceline tax levy is broken into three funds. The first fund is for the Marceline General Fund, which keeps the city running. The general fund remains the same at $0.5019 per $100 of assessed valuation. The library fund remains the same at $0.2092 per $100 of assessed valuation. The only fund to change was the debt service fund. The debt service fund is now at $0.4274 per $100 assessed valuation, down $0.0294 from last year. The debt service fund is lower than last year’s due to new calculations given to municipalities by the Missouri State Auditor’s office.

In other business, the Marceline City Council unanimously approved Mayor Tyson Brammer sign an award from the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Foundation (MPCCF) to the Marceline Police Department. Recently, the Marceline Police Department was awarded a grant for LiveScan equipment from the MPCCF. The equipment takes digital scans of fingerprints and catalogs them. The scans give higher quality fingerprints and match fingerprints with a Missouri fingerprint database.

The grant awarded to Marceline PD is not a monetary grant. The grant gives the equipment directly to the police department, they will not receive money to purchase the equipment. Additionally, the city, nor the police department had to kick in money for the grant.

The LiveScan equipment is worth about $18,000. Now that the ordinance has been signed by Brammer, the police department will receive the LiveScan equipment from MPCCF.