Recently, Pershing Memorial Hospital in Brookfield received a new piece of equipment thanks to community donors.

The AutoPulse helps hospital staff by doing CPR on patients in lifesaving situations.

Pershing Memorial Hospital has been using a new piece of equipment to help with saving community lives. The new equipment is called the AutoPulse and makes lifesaving treatment easier for hospital staff.

According to Pershing Memorial CEO Phil Hamilton, the AutoPulse will make a difference at the hospital.

“[The AutoPulse] is like having another staff member, it frees up the hospital staff to do other vital functions during a code situation,” Hamilton said. “One of the things that’s so important is that both ambulance services have the same equipment we do.”

The AutoPulse has a strap attached a board used for making chest compressions. The machine has an internal computer which measures how deep to make chest compressions. The equipment is battery powered and patients must be at least 18 years old to have the AutoPulse used on them.

Pershing Memorial Registered Nurse Denise Walser says it keeps going when a staff member cannot.

“The AutoPulse gives a specific rate and depth and it doesn’t get worn out like a person would,” Walser said.

Eleven community donors met Monday to see the new equipment they donated to the hospital. The donors made the decision to purchase the AutoPulse to help with emergencies.

Larry Taft vice president of Citizens Bank and Trust says it’s about making a difference.

“Being part of the community to help out and make sure everyone is well taken care of is very important to us,” Taft said. “We’re happy we could be part of the project to help the community.”

The AutoPulse costs about $18,000 new. The equipment does have a weight limit for doing chest compressions. Pershing Memorial received the AutoPulse about two weeks ago.