Political yard signs for candidates and ballot measures popped around the county before the Missouri Primary Election and are briefly going away.

One local politician took time to drive around a couple counties to retrieve his own signs.

As is the case with any election, political yard signs are put up for your favorite candidate, or an important issue. For the Missouri Primary Election, signs included those for local candidates and Proposition A. In front yards, along roadways and next to businesses political yard signs could be seen anywhere in town.

Many states have rules stating signs can be erected only 45 days before an election and must be taken down within a week following the election. In Missouri, municipalities are allowed to adopt their own rules regarding political signs. The Missouri Ethics Commission and MoDOT have special rules for signs as well.

The Missouri Ethics Commission states all political signs must display who payed for the signs. Additionally, the commission asserts all political signs must be 25 feet from the front door of a polling place on election day.

MoDOT maintains Missouri roadways and does not allow political signs to be placed at right-of-ways along the highway. From the MoDOT website, “[political signs] can be dangerous distractions to motorists and obstacles to department roadside operations.” People may retrieve their signs from MoDOT within 30 days.

Missouri House Bill No. 1887 was passed during the previous regular legislative session. The bill would remove any restrictions barring homeowners from posting political yard signs. The bill has moved to Gov. Parson for approval, or a veto. Currently, homeowners associations, or HBAs can prevent homeowners from posting signs in their lawns.

Last week, District 7 Republican incumbent Rusty Black could be seen driving around Linn and Livingston County uprooting his signs.

According to Black, he wanted everyone to take a breather.

“I think all of us need to take a break from politics,” Black said.

Black says the signs are not down for good.

“I’ve taken my signs down, but you’ll be seeing them come back up soon,” Black said.

The Missouri General Election is set for Nov. 6, 2018. You can expect to see political signs for Black and others running pop up again soon. The election will decide Missouri’s next U.S. Senator, many state legislators and state ballot measures.