The Marceline Police Department along with 39 other Missouri Police Departments have adopted a new incident based reporting system.

The old system was a summary based reporting system and gave a different view of crime statistics.

In May of this year, the Marceline Police Department began testing the Missouri Incident Based Reporting System (MIBERS). After three months of testing at 100-percent compliance, Marceline PD is now certified to use MIBERS full-time.

According to Marceline Police officer John Wright, he thought they would be certified later.

“We thought we would complete the training after November of this year,” Wright said.

Originally, the Marceline PD was going to start in-house testing in April, but the Missouri State Highway Patrol instructed Marceline to begin field testing then. Marceline was originally scheduled to begin their field tests in August.

Now that the testing has been completed, Marceline is now exclusively using the MIBERS reporting system. The incident based reporting system reports on all incidents, or offenses. For example, if someone was caught speeding, but also had drugs in the car, or was impaired all incidents would be reported on equally and would receive their own report.

The previous summary based reporting system would list the most offensive crime, topping off the list with homicide. After the highest offense, the other incidents would fall under, but would not receive their own report.

Marceline Police Chief Bob Donelson says the new reporting system will help crime statistics.

“[MIBERS] gives a more realistic view of what’s happening in the community,” Donelson said. “You will see more arrests and more crimes cleared. I think this year we’ve been doing better work overall.”

The new system also gives better tracking for victims. With MIBERS, up to 100 victims can be tracked at a time.

Currently, only 39 other Missouri Police Departments are certified to use MIBERS. Missouri has 576 law enforcement agencies, employing more than 14,000 people throughout the state. The DOJ has mandated that all police departments move to the reporting system by Jan. 1, 2021.

As previously reported, Marceline PD was picked with 400 other police departments across the country in 2017 to receive funding and testing the incident based reporting system. Marceline PD received new computers and mobile data terminals as part of the grant, they will also receive a new computer server to help with reporting. The grant money received totalled to about $52,000.