The North Central Missouri Regional Airport Board met Sept. 11 to approve a new concrete policy.

Board members also discussed progress of a potential deal being made with Onshore Technology Services.

The North Central Missouri Regional Airport Board met for their monthly meeting Sept. 11. During the meeting the airport board approved a new concrete policy.

The concrete policy makes sure problems are addressed fully. The board decided patching the spot would be a quick fix, but they would rather repave the runway instead. The repaving would ensure the issue was fixed completely.

Board President Mike Moore says the board wanted a comprehensive policy.

“We have a very nice airport with a very nice runway, whatever we do shouldn’t be a temporary solution,” Moore said. “Instead of just throwing something on the problem, like a quick fix, [we] don’t want to do that, it should be a permanent fix.”

The discussion of the concrete policy arose from a spot on the airport’s runway. The spot is no larger than a dinner plate and is missing concrete. Although the spot is not close to an area used for takeoff, or landing, the board wanted a policy in place for the future.

The board has no current plans to repave the runway currently. Previously, the board did not have a similar policy in place.

In other business, board members discussed a potential plan for housing an Onshore Technology Services jet at the airport. Onshore is currently storing a company jet at Kirksville Regional Airport, but has to move the plane to a new location soon.

Board members discussed looking for financing options for Onshore to build a hangar during the meeting. Previously, the airport board discussed housing the plane in their hangar. The board is also open to allowing Onshore to build their own hangar on the airport premises. Members from Onshore may be in attendance at the October board meeting to discuss further details.