Brookfield resident Carla Jost-Higgins celebrated her 100th birthday Sept. 11 at McLarney Manor in Brookfield.

Jost-Higgins still enjoys several hobbies and has fun at the nursing care facility.

Carla Jost-Higgins was born Sept. 11, 1918. Her family lived in Brookfield and her father worked on the railroad in Marceline.

In her mid-twenties, Jost-Higgins left Linn County. Jost-Higgins made it to New York City on her own. While in New York, Jost-Higgins became a model.

After becoming a model, Jost-Higgins started a family. She has one living daughter and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Many of her family members now live near the West coast.

Jost-Higgins has been at McLarney Manor for the past nine years. She is an animal lover, cats are her favorite, she also loves flowers. Jost-Higgins enjoys listening to music and will often sing and dance to a song she knows. She still likes doing crafts, bingo, playing card games and visiting with people.

Connie Pate works with social services at McLarney Manor and says Jost-Higgins is lively.

“She loves being around people, she’s a very loving person,” Pate said. “She’s a lover, not a fighter.”

Tuesday, Jost-Higgins received many birthday cards. She received a card from Gov. Parson and Lt. Gov. office. According to Pate, Jost-Higgins is still waiting on a card from the President. Cards can still be sent to McLarney Manor located at 116 E. Pratt St. Brookfield, Mo. 64628.

McLarney Manor serves many age ranges. McLarney Manor is a 60-bed facility and services people from 50 years old up to 100 years old. Previously, McLarney Manor has had two other members turn 100 years old at the facility.