The Brookfield Board of Education unanimously approved the district to add boys baseball as a spring sport Sept. 18.

The board also received a presentation for future facility upgrades and unanimously passed new policy updates.

The Brookfield Board of Education unanimously approved to add boys baseball for the 2019-2020 school year. Board members agreed with Superintendent Dr. Kyle Collins and a community group that the time was right.

As previously reported, a community group lead by Megan Parn gave a presentation to the board last month. The group at that time had raised more than $10,000 to quickstart the baseball team.

According to Parn, the group is focussed on starting the team.

“We have $15,000 pledged for the baseball team, we see no problem with raising extra funds, if needed,” Parn said.

Prior to the September meeting, Brookfield was the only school district in the Clarence Cannon Conference without a boys baseball team. The money raised by Parn and other residents will go toward uniforms, a pitching mound, two pitching machines and other expenses. The funding will not go toward finding a baseball coach.

Collins says the timing was right.

“Financially [the district’s] outlook has improved, if we were going to approve this, now is the time to do it,” Collins said. “I wouldn’t have considered adding a sport, if we had to make cuts elsewhere.”

Brookfield is the second school district in Linn County to add boys baseball this year. Earlier this summer, the Marceline Board of Education added a boys baseball team as well.

The board heard a presentation for future facility upgrades to the district Sept. 18. Bob Bennett and Jason Terry from CTS Group gave the board a presentation about facility upgrades and how their company could help the district. The pair went over a list of upgrades, which comprised of new climate control systems, security system expansion, foundation repair and more.

CTS Group worked with the school to comprise the list. Brookfield School District employee Matt Parn worked with CTS to point out aging equipment and repairs, which needed to be made to the facility.

The Brookfield School District will not start upgrading the facility soon. The district is waiting until they have funding ready to start completing the facility upgrades. Collins and Parn wanted to have a plan ready for when funding is available for the projects.

CTS Group is based out of St. Louis and has worked with many schools in Missouri and the Midwest on similar upgrade projects. CTS Group is not a contractor, they are a group of engineers who design, then install projects.

In other business, the board unanimously approved new policy updates Sept. 18. The Brookfield Board of Education approved 13 new policy updates, which give new language to existing school policies. The board did not add any new policies during the meeting. The policy updates come from the Missouri School Board Association.