One board member resigned from the Marceline Board of Education during the monthly meeting Sept. 17.

The board approved overnight trips for school groups and read new mandatory school regulations and policies for the first time during the meeting.

Marceline Board of Education member Matt Cupp has resigned from his board position. Cupp was first elected to the Marceline Board of Education for the 2011-2012 school year.

According to Marceline Superintendent Brian Sherrow, Cupp was a valued member of the board.

“We really appreciate the service [Cupp] put into the school board,” Sherrow said. “We have accepted [Cupp’s] resignation with regret.”

After taking a new job, Cupp was not able to attend meetings as often. Cupp changed careers about a year ago, his new job requires him to travel. Cupp was serving his third term on the Marceline Board of Education when he resigned. Cupp was not present at the Monday meeting, he resigned by letter.

According to Cupp, he wants to do the right thing.

“Due to my frequent absences from board meetings, I just felt it was the right thing to do,” Cupp said.

Applications for the open Marceline Board of Education seat are available now. The deadline to apply for the position is Sept. 28. Applications can be sent to Candie Ervie board of education secretary at the Marceline Central Office located at 400 E. Santa Fe Ave. Marceline, Mo. 64658. Applicants will have an open interview prior to the October board of education meeting.

The new board member will not have a permanent term. A permanent Marceline Board of Education member will be voted on during the April Linn County Municipal Elections. The temporary board member will serve from October 2018 to April 2019.

The Marceline Board of Education heard a first reading of new mandatory policies and regulations Sept. 17. The Missouri Consultants for Education policy service sent five new regulations and 17 new policies for the board to read Tuesday. The policies and regulations cover new guidelines for data breaches, virtual education and much more.

The policy updates come from legislation passed earlier this year. The Marceline Board of Education read the policies and regulations for the first time Tuesday, they will read them for a second time during the October board meeting. After the second reading, the board will vote on the new policies and regulations.

In other business, the board approved overnight trips for school clubs Sept. 17. Representatives from Marceline FFA and Marceline FBLA gave presentations to the Marceline Board of Education Tuesday about trips both clubs are taking this year.

Marceline FBLA will be attending the FBLA Fall National Conference in Chicago from November 2 to November 3. Marceline FFA will be attending the FFA National Convention this year in Indianapolis from Oct. 24 through Oct. 27.

The clubs are using their own funds to pay for the trips. The Marceline School District does not give extra money to the clubs to take the trips. All overnight stays by school sponsored organizations have to be approved by the board.