A Marceline resident has been chosen as the North Central Missouri YMCA’s new executive director.

After a five week director search, the YMCA board of directors picked the Marceline resident to take over the position.

Marceline resident Molly Cupp has been chosen as the new North Central Missouri YMCA executive director. Cupp has been a member of the YMCA since she was in high school. She was hired in 2012 to be the YMCA’s gymnastics coach, since then she has been promoted to the gymnastics coordinator in 2013 and program director in 2014.

Cupp says she’s excited to move up with the YMCA.

“It’s neat to come full circle,” Cupp said. “I wholeheartedly believe in everything the YMCA does.”

The search for a new executive director started this July. As previously reported, O.J. Rodriguez resigned from the position in late June after being the executive director for the past eight years. At that time, CEO of three local YMCA’s Matt Jones thought the new director would start in early September.

Cupp started earlier than expected. Cupp’s first day as the new executive director was Aug. 21.

Cupp wants to get more communities involved with the YMCA.

“I want to build relationships with other communities and offer more programs to other local communities,” Cupp said. “This isn’t just the Brookfield YMCA, it’s the North Central Missouri YMCA.”

Cupp was one of many candidates who applied for the job. Many people from the community applied for the executive director position, and many others from around the country applied as well. In total, the board of directors had 18 candidates to choose from. After three interviews, Cupp was chosen by the board.

According to Jones, Cupp was the right choice.

“[Cupp] has been a part of the YMCA for a long time, she’s a very dedicated employee, she was the best candidate,” Jones said.