The Linn County Airport Board met to discuss future plans for financial avenues and possible grants Oct. 9.

The board also went over plans for fixes at the airport and items to be purchased by the airport soon.

The Linn County Airport Board was scheduled to meet with the Green Hills Regional Planning Commission for their monthly meeting Tuesday. Due to unforeseen weather Randy Railsback executive director of the commission called off the meeting.

According to airport board chair Mike Moore, they were going to discuss future plans for the airport.

“We have a tremendous facility and we’re coming up with a long-ranged plan to look for new industries that would be interested in using the airport,” Moore said.

Moore hopes the commission will be able to find grants and financing options for the airport moving forward. The board plans to meet with the commission at next month’s meeting.

The airport board revised a plan for fixes made to the airport runway. As previously reported, the board discussed making permanent fixes to the runway, rather than making temporary patches to the runway during last month’s meeting. Tuesday, board members discussed a new plan to hire a contractor who would be available to make the repairs, rather than having a set schedule to make repairs.

Last month, a piece of runway, the size of a saucer was reported missing. The patch of runway did not affect takeoff, or landing. Since the September meeting, the patch was fixed using a airport approved compound. The compound repaired the concrete more effectively than a piece of tar, according to Moore.

In other business, the board discussed plans to purchase a radio and aircraft tug. The radio would be used to communicate with approaching aircraft. Board members approved airport manager Ted Stockwell and assistant manager Randy Stockwell to look up specifications needed for a tug to move aircraft in and out of the community hangar.