Linn County Circuit Clerk

Amber Boley, Democrat

Mission Statement

As the place where justice begins, my mission for the Linn County Circuit Clerk’s Office is to provide the highest quality service in fulfilling the needs of the court, the public, various agencies and the Missouri Bar. This will be accomplished by professionally trained, customer-focused staff, whose primary tools will be the use of ethical values, personal service, integrity, transparency and technology. With these tools, we will achieve an unmatched level of efficiency and customer satisfaction in our mission to support the judicial process through prompt and accurate records' management in accordance with state laws, rules and regulations.

Why should Linn County citizens choose you over your opponent?

I bring to this position seven years of experience as a deputy clerk in the Linn County Circuit Clerk's Office. Over the course of my employment in this office, I have developed the knowledge and skill set necessary to become the Circuit Clerk. I have the hands-on kind of experience that only comes from doing this job. As a self-motivated learner, trained in all aspects of this office and all divisions of the court, I manage my caseload and job responsibilities promptly and completely, while working diligently to resolve concerns, answer questions and complete time sensitive tasks expeditiously. I am the candidate with the unique set of skills that have been honed by face-to-face interactions, both inside and outside the courtroom. My work ethic, initiative, attention to detail, and commitment to time management allows me to assess the needs of the office and complete every job and task required. As a candidate who has grown up with an appreciation of hard work, I value that in others. I can slide seamlessly into the position of Circuit Clerk and hit the ground running on my very first day. My complete background experience has prepared me for this commitment and I will serve with knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm.

What is the circuit clerk’s most important role in the community?

The Circuit Clerk gives back to the community through service. There is no greater honor than serving the people of our community. Effective public servants must genuinely care about the needs of every citizen, no matter their story. Public service requires strong communication skills and the ability to work together with diverse individuals. We must recognize the affect listening has on our relationships with people and inevitably, how that contributes to the quality of the customer service we provide. Our service also entails maintaining timely processed accurate records. In doing so, the community develops trust in the abilities of our office. The efficiency of this office, and the manner in which our court documents are processed and filed, has a direct impact on our court system, as well as the lives of the people in our community. Elected officials are highly visible in our small, rural community and we must not forget that we are public servants first. The work of a public servant is never done, and that work should always be done with compassion and care.

What experience do you have, if any with the position you’re running for?

My experience in the Circuit Clerk's Office began under retired Circuit Clerk, Elaine Clough, and it spans seven years. During my time in the clerk’s office, I have served two Circuit Clerks and multiple Circuit and Associate Judges from across the state. My comprehensive understanding of the legal system, court procedure and policy, and court documents allows me to handle a high-volume criminal caseload, while staying up to date on new legislation that may affect these cases. As an avid learner, I am cross-trained to process and manage cases in all divisions of the court. Additionally, upon the resignation of our Circuit Clerk in September, I have been entrusted with her civil caseload and the accounting responsibilities, to include deposits, bank reconciliations, and the end of month procedures. I have an established, working relationship with the public, judges, attorneys, law enforcement, other clerk's offices, and multiple agencies throughout the state. Five years ago, I was involved with the transition from a paper-based filing system to our current electronic-based filing system. I have thorough knowledge and understanding of the Clerk’s office history and recognize where improvements can be made and know how to implement any changes. Fifteen years of customer service experience and daily interaction with the public, has led me to this moment and will play a crucial role in my ability to serve as your next Circuit Clerk.