Linn County Circuit Clerk

Jean Ham, Republican

Mission Statement

To serve the citizens of Linn County, legal community and courts with professionalism, kindness and respect by providing them with accurate information and a smile.

Why should Linn County citizens choose you over your opponent?

We need a Circuit Clerk that is trustworthy, one that cares about doing the job right and to the best of their abilities. One that is friendly, hardworking and knowledgeable yet still willing to learn. The Circuit Clerk should also display a positive attitude and have a good reputation in our community. They should be honest, fair, friendly and a person of integrity.

What is the circuit clerk’s most important role in the community?

The most important role the Circuit Clerk is entrusted with is keeping accurate records of the court and serving the needs of the community. Let’s be real, the reasons most people come to court, or to the Circuit Clerk’s office are not for reasons they enjoy. Traffic tickets, divorces, restraining orders and lawsuits are just naming a few. I believe we can make your experience better by processing your case diligently and serving you with confidentiality, respect and a warm, friendly smile thus making your visit to the courthouse a more pleasant experience.

What experience do you have, if any with the position you’re running for?

In my previous positions with local business, I have been a Certified Professional Supervisor and trained as a Certified Professional Administrator, administrative assistant, tax professional, accounts payable and receivable clerk, customer service specialist and a shipping specialist. I have extensive data entry and record keeping experience in both a school and business setting and have performed daily bookkeeping responsibilities. In addition, I have been a school board member, VBS director, and Sunday school teacher.

I am currently a Deputy Circuit Clerk. My job assignment includes Juvenile Division Clerk, Brookfield Municipal Division Clerk, Marceline Municipal Division Clerk, Bucklin Municipal Division Clerk, I process garnishments in the Associate Circuit Civil Division. I attended training for civil case processing and recently attended the fall Court Clerk College in Lake Ozark. I am the local expert for the new Show-Me Courts data entry system.