District 6 Representative

Tim Remole, Republican

Mission Statement

In addition to my legislative duties, I’m the owner of Remole Coatings, LLC. I have also served as a volunteer firefighter for 26 years. I’m a member of the Church of Nazarene and was the proud recipient of a 20-year Distinguished Service Award. I’m a lifetime member of the NRA and a proud supporter of Missouri Farm Bureau, Eagle Forum, and Americans for Prosperity. I graduated from Westran Senior High School in 1976. Born Oct. 2, 1957 in Danville, Ill., I currently resides in Excello with my wife of 34 years, Brenda. We have two children, Nathan and Amy. We have a son-in-law, Travis, and daughter-in-law, KaraLee. We are also the proud grandparents of Gracie, Levi and Sadie.

Why should Linn County citizens choose you over your opponent?

I have been your state representative for the past 6 years and I have the experience needed to represent Linn County in Jefferson City. I have sponsored and passed legislation that has helped our rural area. The wood burning protection bill I sponsored, protected Missourians from the EPA's burdensome regulations. Many people in our district burn wood to save them from high energy costs. I have run and operated my painting business for 26 years. Having this experience and having employees gives me knowledge needed in Jefferson City dealing with a variety of issues. I have proven myself as a leader and I listen to the concerns of the people in       Linn county and the entire district. I am known for my integrity and have worked with many needs of others. The Lord has blest my wife and I in the Children's ministry we started 40 years ago. We are beginning our 41st year and we have been married 40 years. am endorsed by the NRA, Missouri Cattleman, Missouri Right to Life, Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I have received numerous awards from Farm Bureau's Friends of Agriculture, and NFIB. You don't get these endorsements easily and it is an honor to have received them

What legislation, if any, will you sponsor to help the citizens of Linn County?

I am looking into filing a bill for the funding of a veterans home in Marceline. It would be similar to what Lyndal Shumake has filed in the past. I have supported this for many years and turning the old St. Francis hospital into one has already been evaluated. I received hundreds of letters from Linn County and surrounding counties in favor of this and thanking me for continuing to work on this. I still haven't given up, there is much work to be done. I plan to continue to co-sponsor bills and support school funding as I have the past 6 years, and fully funding the foundation formula for the last two years has been exciting. Rural economic development has been a focus I have worked on. I sponsored  the Day to Dream day to honor Walt Disney. Working with local people from Marceline was awesome and having D-23 here was a great event that brought many visitors into Marceline. I may expand my legislation in biologicals to extend it to other ways it can help in agriculture.

What is your stance on Amendment 1?

My stance after studying the bill is a big no. Clean Missouri is an organization that is funded by out of state billionaires. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given by George Soros. Special interest groups like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Sierra Club, and others. They want to do away with our bipartisan 50 year old redistricting process and replace it with an extreme, partisan process that gives sole power to one unelected bureaucrat appointed by a partisan state auditor. It’s not about campaign contribution its about redistricting. Sierra Club is the group that targeted our Thomas Hill Power plant to shut it down.

How do you hope to work with colleagues across the aisle?

I have worked across the aisle by listening and talking to my colleagues on issues we work on together. I am working on legislation right now with a colleague on issues we care about. its developing relationships and talk about solutions for the people.We may not agree but we treat each other with respect.

Infrastructure is a big problem in northern Missouri, roads are in need of repair and many buildings are very old, how do you hope to change this?

Proposition D is on the ballot that will help out funding, if it passes. Missouri has not passed a gas tax in 23 years and compared to other states we are seventh in the country for miles of roads. If D passes, it is audited every year to make sure the money is going to where it is supposed to go. We are looking at other ways to bring in funds such as increase in electronic toll roads at entry and exit where you don't have toll gates. I work and have discussions with those who work on MoDot special committees. So many times you may not be a sponsor of a bill, but you are part of it.