Update: Route M resurfacing

Work is underway on both Linn County Route M and U.S. Route 65 through Chillicothe. Missouri Petroleum, working with the Missouri Department of Transportation, began work earlier this month to prepare the roadways for a micro-resurfacing project.

Over the course of this week, crews will remove the existing pavement markings in preparation for a scrub seal to be completed on Route M on Aug. 7, and on U.S. Route 65 Aug. 8 through 15. Temporary pavement markings will then be installed for the 30-day period the scrub seal must cure prior to the micro-resurfacing.

Work will take place during nighttime hours from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. with crews working four days per week on both roadways. Some work may occur on the weekends, if necessary, to complete the project on time. The micro surfacing on U.S. Route 65 will extend from just north of County Road 228 to U.S. Route 36 and on Route M from just north of Brookfield to Route 11. Crews expect have all work complete in late September. All work is weather permitting and could be rescheduled.

This combination of a scrub seal and micro surfacing is a preventative maintenance treatment and will help to extend the life of the roadway. The scrub seal, an emulsified asphalt/aggregate seal, rejuvenates the road’s surface by filling and sealing cracks in the existing asphalt. The micro surfacing that follows helps slow deterioration of the pavement, fills some ruts and minor surface irregularities, reduces water getting into the pavement, and improves surface friction.

Motorists are urged to use caution and obey all traffic control, including signs, flaggers and pilot cars. Delays are expected, so drivers may want to choose an alternate route during this project.