Stanbury has been in Brookfield since 1958.

On Monday, employees at Stanbury in Brookfield, Milan and Warsaw were told Stanbury Uniforms had been acquired by Varsity Spirit.

A press release from Jeff Elliott, marketing and media specialist with Stanbury Uniforms, Inc., stated, "Varsity Spirit, the leader in cheer and dance camps, competitions and apparel has announced its acquisition of Stanbury Uniforms, one of the nation’s leading providers of band apparel."

Elliott said the 140 Brookfield employees, and 40 employees at each Warsaw and Milan will see no changes, and neither will the general public.

"There will be no immediate changes for the workforce – we are maintaining all of our jobs, management will remain intact, work hours will remain the same, benefits the same," Elliott said in an email.

Stanbury CEO Steve Roberts says all three Missouri facilities will continue to operate with no changes. "Our management team remains intact and our employees will continue to do what they’ve been doing – delivering quality products to high school and college marching bands and competitive drum corps across the country," Roberts said. "Becoming part of the Varsity Spirit family will give us the resources to continue to expand our customer base and, with that expansion, we plan to be able to offer even more opportunities to local workers in all three communities."

Elliott stated that there is no definite timeline for expansion.

"With additional resources, we expect to be able to continue a recent cycle of record growth in sales and production. We will be looking for opportunities to expand, with additional job opportunities at all of our plants. We’ll be looking at opportunities to invest in equipment that will allow us to employ more workers and increase production over the coming months."

Stanbury has been in Brookfield since 1958; Milan since 2006 and Warsaw since earlier this year. As a locally recognized name and trademark, the general public will continue to see the Stanbury name.

"Although we will be considered a ‘Varsity Spirit Brand’ – we will continue to be Stanbury Uniforms and we are not changing any of our advertising or marketing materials," Elliott said.

Based out of Memphis, Tenn., Varsity Spirit has also acquired SA Feather Company, and Director’s Showcase International (DSI).

"Along with Stanbury Uniforms, these acquisitions make Varsity Spirit a leading provider of accessories and uniforms for high school and college bands, nationwide," Elliott's press release said.