Recently, we experienced a mishap that could have been very devastating. A student was struck by a car while in a crosswalk coming home from school. First off the student only received minor injuries to the foot and is doing well. The incident occurred at an unmanned crosswalk in the school zone around Missouri Avenue.

As a driver, it is of the utmost importance that when you are driving in the school zone you pay extra care to children walking in crosswalks, onto school buses, or loading into private vehicles. There are many things going on when school lets out and no matter how many safety steps we or the school put in place, we need your help to make it work. Pay extra close attention, remember a child can come out of nowhere at any given time.

Not all of the crosswalks are manned with a crossing guard. And just because there is a crossing guard we cannot let our attention stray away from the fact that children may come from anywhere. Kids will be kids, and the excitement of getting out of school sometimes makes them forget to think about the little things like crossing the street safely.

Parents talk to your children about crosswalk safety. Explain to them the proper way to look both ways before crossing a street, whether or not the crosswalk is in a school zone. Children should feel safe about crossing the street and the best way for them to feel that is to educate them about how it’s done. And as a side note, our school does a very good job at teaching kids safety when it comes to things like this, I’ve attended Safety Town several times. But as a parent it is still our responsibility to reinforce those things and let our kids know that their safety is important to us as well.