A man arrested Monday night in Chillicothe became hostile before, during and after his arrest and transport.

A man arrested Monday night in Chillicothe became hostile before, during and after his arrest and transport to the Daviess-Dekalb Regional Jail, according to a press release from Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox.

Cox reported that on the evening of Sept. 16, “Deputy Jay Shirley was headed home when he overheard police radio traffic the Chillicothe Police were looking for a specific vehicle. Deputy Shirley happened to see what he thought was the suspect vehicle going west on Third Street committing traffic offense(s) in the intersection at Washington. Deputy Shirley attempted to stop the suspect vehicle but the driver allegedly fled in the vehicle and eventually stopped in the west part of Chillicothe.”

According to the release Joseph C. Anderson, 40, became hostile. Anderson had reportedly already been in an altercation and from the start of his interaction with the deputy refused to comply with his commands.

“Our deputy arrested the subject who then physically resisted and was subsequently pepper-sprayed to complete the arrest.”

Anderson was arrested for alleged DWI - Drugs, traffic violation(s) and resisting arrest. The subject was then taken to the Chillicothe Police Department at their request to allow an officer with their agency to speak with the suspect about their investigation.

“An additional arrest took place for alleged assault on law enforcement officer and potential other crime(s) during the course of the evening,” Cox said. “While at the police department the suspect reportedly urinated in the police department and later urinated in the K-9 patrol vehicle during transport to jail, threatened to kill law enforcement and their family, spit on one or more deputy sheriffs, made many vulgar comments and was taken by two LCSO employees to the Daviess-Dekalb Regional Jail on 24 hour hold pending filing of formal charges.”

Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren was provided the statement of probable cause and has since filed charges in Livingston County Associate Court on Anderson, for alleged class E felony harassment-1st degree, bond set at $25,000 cash on case #19LV-CR00527. The harassment allegedly stems from the threat(s) to kill a deputy and his family. Additional charges are potentially pending.