Dana Surber was an Oct. 12-13 weekend visitor of Joyce Surber. On Saturday they attended Band Day at Central Missouri University, Warrensburg.

Randy and Toni Fay, David and Roberta Rose, Carolyn Buckman, and Lois Buckman were visitors of Orville Buckman Oct. 13. Orville had surgery on Oct. 2 and is recuperating quite well.

A Happy Birthday is wished for Linda Cooper, Jane Schmitz, Emilie Gray on Oct. 15; Benny Gudgell, Carissa Keyes on Oct. 16; Wanda Thomas, John V. Youngs, Charli Beal, Haley Berry on Oct. 17; Jeremy Allison, Janet Young, Wyatt Link, Margaret Ryan on Oct. 18; Raysha Tate, Andrew Myers on Oct. 19; Carolyn Dudley, Jacob Groves, Bob Cordray, Courtney McLain, David Baldwin on Oct. 20; Zachary Douglas, Carson Dover, Michael Brookman, Tauna Buckner, Deven Woodmansee on Oct. 21.

A Happy Anniversary is wished for Marvin and Marilee Leppin, Chris and Stephenie Albertson on Oct. 16; Logan and Rebecca Yount on Oct. 21.