Area residents, historians and readers of the popular Blue mound series that were published in the Constitution-Tribune can now learn even more about the little town and its people.

“The Blue Mound Chronicles: Stories and History of a Small Missouri Town”, is now available for sale at the Constitution-Tribune’s office, 818 Washington St.

Joe Dillard, the author says, “The first part of the twofer that captures interviews with former residents about everyday living, plus the many unusual and funny things that happened to them including an “Events” chapter that spices up the book with tales of many unique happenings that occurred in and around the area, including murders, mysteries, fake news, robberies, feats of strength, and more.

“The second part of the twofer is a special bonus section, entitled, “Wayne Powers’ Choice: Love over Country.” This is a terrific “Rest of the Story” about a former “Mounder” who fell in love in France and never returned to the USA.”

Wayne Eldridge Powers who was born in Blue Mound, Missouri on March 14, 1921, was inducted into the Army on May 12, 1943, went to France and deserted on January 21, 1945, lived with Yvette Belusze for 14 years had five children, was apprehended by the French Police on March 22, 1958, was arrested by the Military Police on March 25, 1958, court-martialed on August 1, 1958, released from prison on Oct. 9, 1958, had two more children, never returned to the USA, died in Mont d’Origny France in 1983, and was interred at his request in an American flag draped casket.

“You will enjoy reading this account of his amazing one-way journey from Blue Mound to Mont d’Orginy France,” Dillard said.

All of this and more is in the “Chronicles” a 190-page action-packed story that you will want to read and share with others. You don’t have to be from Blue Mound, Chillicothe, or even from Missouri, to enjoy the tales and stories that Joe G. Dillard, Brock Jones, Gary Maberry, and Jerry R. Stephens have compiled.

You can obtain a copy directly from Dillard for $14.95, or have one mailed to you, or a friend, for $17.95 (shipping and handling included) along with a mailing address (if it isn’t on the check) to: Joe G. Dillard, 3535 West Arbor Way, Columbia MO 65203. Expect delivery within two weeks. Books are available from the Constitution-Tribune for $14.95, during regular business hours. Checks should be made out to Joe Dillard.