During the Linn County R-I School District’s November Board of Education meeting, Catherine Black, counselor, presented the Annual Performance Report (APR) for the district. In the area

of Academic Achievement, Linn County R-I students scored above the state average in English

language arts and math. The students also showed steady growth over a three-year period in both subject areas, Black said. In science, Linn County R-I students scored slightly below the state average but showed significant growth over the three-year period.

“Our students and teachers work hard throughout the entire year. Some of our success can be contributed to the tracking of student progress, both by teachers and the students themselves, said Candi Gray, Linn County R-I Principal. “The teachers use a program to benchmark and assist them with providing individualized instruction based on each student’s needs. The teachers have emphasized to students the importance of tracking their progress and that has allowed the students to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. I am happy to see that our scores reflect the hard work of our students and teachers.”

The Linn County R-I School District officials say administrators and teachers plan to celebrate students’ success with an incentive trip in the spring.

After the presentation, Superintendent Ryan Livingston and the Board of Education commended the administration, staff and students for a job well done.