The Missouri Custom Rates survey is routinely used by landowners, farmers, custom operators and government agencies. According to a press release from Carlee Quinn, county engagement specialist with the University of Missouri Extension, this survey is conducted every three years to update prices.

“The University of Missouri Extension is asking all persons involved in custom farming activities to fill out this survey,” Quinn said. “Your responses will benefit the agricultural community of Missouri as it efficiently produces food, fuel and fiber.”

The online survey contains dozens of questions but is organized so that respondents can quickly locate the questions specific to their business. “Completing the survey should be quick and easy. While the survey is formatted for phones, it is best taken on a computer where entering numbers is simpler,” Quinn added.

To take the survey go to Choose the broad categories of custom activity for which you will provide information and enter your values for individual activities.

A paper format of the survey is also available at your local MU Extension office.