The Walsworth Community Center (WCC) has received two grants from Kirksville and Marshall Walmart stores, totaling at $2,175. Both grants come at a crucial time for much-needed repairs on the east side parking lot at the facility, according to a press release.

“We received notification in late December and early January that we had been selected to

receive community grants from the Kirksville and Marshall stores--one for $1,000 from Kirksville and the other for $1,175 from Marshall,” said Dennis Van Dyke, president of the Walsworth Community Center committee. “Within a week we had received both checks.”

WCC launched a fundraising campaign during the monthly committee meeting in December 2019. The funds raised will be used to replace WCC’s current east side parking lot, mainly consisting of gravel and dirt, with new concrete and to extend the parking space area.

“This will connect to present parking on the east side and go east toward the railroad track [to] our property line, which is about 25 feet west of the chain-link fence,” Van Dyke said.

The grants received from the Kirksville and Marshall Walmart stores now bring the raised funds total to over $10,000 toward the paving project.

“We had designated profit from our scrap metal recycling project to this, along with a recent memorial gift”, said Van Dyke. “At this time, we would like to raise another $30,000 to continue paving north to south as far as we can stretch it.”

WCC hosts community events, silent auctions, Marceline High School alumni banquets, fundraising and company dinners, and weddings, as well as the weekly Marceline City Market, which will resume on Tuesday, Feb. 4. WCC was voted Best Wedding Venue during the Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune’s Best of the Best contest last year.

WCC’s 2020 Fundraising Kickoff will begin with a Chili Lunch and Supper from 11 a.m.-. 1 p.m. and from 4 - 6 p.m. on Feb. 4. Serving will continue during the Marceline City Market. Carry-out orders will be available.