Motorist drove around barricades, damaging roadway

Route WW will remain closed today, Thursday, April 9, through 3 p.m. for a culvert replacement. Local maintenance crews from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) replaced the culvert yesterday, but the barricades blocking the roadway between Route ZZ and the Macon County line were moved, and a motorist drove through the freshly laid pavement.

A press release from MoDOT reminds motorists to never move or drive around barricades. The barricades are in place for residents protection. Roadwork often requires cutting into pavement, missing sections of pavement, uneven surfaces, or time for the roadway material to cure. Driving through a barricaded area could damage your vehicle or injure the driver and occupants. At the very least it will require an extended closure, such as this one, while crews repair the damage.

During all roadway closures, motorists must use an alternate route.