All city baseball, softball, and adult leagues through the Marceline Parks & Recreation department have been canceled for the summer, Board President Charles Jobson said Friday.

The council met earlier in the week to discuss the matter, and City Council has officially approved its motion.

“We looked for some kind of solution, but really, it came down to how much fun these kids were going to have,” Jobson said.

“It’s just too much liability for volunteer coaches with CDC guidelines. You can’t expect every kid to have his own helmet and catching equipment. There are so many other factors at play.”

In addition to kids’ and coaches’ safety, the Parks & Rec department determined it would be unwise to allow young umpires to be required to enforce such stringent regulations.

Most of the umpires enlisted were high-school age kids.

Jobson said that the Disney Complex is, as it stands, freely available to anyone. Teams looking to schedule a practice time may contact Josh Hawkins. Small groups looking to play catch or hit soft toss, for example, can use either field at any time.

No games are to be scheduled at Disney Complex until at least June 1.