Dorothy Mae Williams McGowan

3/24/1924 - 4/14/18

Mom was born March 24th, 1924. When you look at mom's picture, when you focus on her beauty, you know, even without ever having met her, you know that she embodies absolutely everything you see. That's Dorothy....she was simply a beautiful person. She was preceded in her new journey by her mother Flossie Crump Williams, her father James Lemuel Williams, her loving stepmother Dolly Jones Williams, her husband John Richard McGowan and her daughter Mary Kasandra (Sandi) McGowan Brackenridge. As you can tell she has a large immediate family, not to mention her extended family of warm, caring in-laws and lifelong friends, waiting for her with love and open arms. Mom spent much time and many vacations with her brother, JT Williams, and her sister, Virginia Williams Lotz. The three were born and grew up together in Mexico, Missouri and while having families and following different life paths, they always stayed close, always in touch with each other. I'm telling you they were the Three Musketeers of Mexico Missouri. And what a pleasure we children got to live that with them! Mom married Lt. Col. John Richard McGowan. Oh, he wasn't Lt. Col. back then, that took 25 years of marriage, several overseas tours of duty, and lord knows how many transfers to new stations. Mom was always the one who brought it together. Through all of that, the setting up of new homes, the leaving old friends and meeting of new friends, she gave birth to and raised her family. She had Dorothy Gayle while in Germany, Sandi (Mary Kasandra, now an angel watching over us) at Fort Lewis, John Richard, Jr. at Fort Riley, and then Joy in Tacoma (I'm the one they had to pay for). Her children would like to say simply, in its most truthful, heart felt and emotional way and meaning...she made us proud, she was our mom, she gave us the gift of life, we love her so and she will be sorely missed. Thank you mom. Thank you for being our Mom!

Mom felt truly blessed with her grandchildren. Every one of them were her pride...David, Brandon, Tracy, Karen, Shawna, and Kurt. As the great grandchildren came along, mercy her eyes shone even brighter...Ashley, Marcus, Samuel, Jacob, Konrad, Onyx, DeSean. There were nieces, nephews and cousins on her side and dad's side that she followed with enthusiasm. Which I am completely sure got her hooked on genealogy like an addict to drugs (or in my case chocolate).

But the last few years have been hard on mom. It has been a horrendous road, but my road does not even compare to what she went through. It was my honor, my angst, my pleasure and most of all my privilege to be with her on this trip. The last week her meals consisted of bowls of ice cream and she passed in her sleep at home with me. This is what she prayed for. I have to say I'm pretty sure when she reaches her new journey it will be on a heaven sent cloud of ice cream with a cherry pop tart for a bed.

Mom, you will live in your family and friends for eternity, until we journey to meet with you again...All Our Love