Letter was wrong: Truman was definitely a Democrat

A recent letter writer claims that President Truman could not be a Democrat today, and his policies are more in line with today's Republican party. His argument conflicts with the facts.

Unlike today's Republicans, Truman did the following: Raised taxes to help pay for the Korean War expenses; tried to get Congress to pass a national health care insurance plan; prepared the ground for the signing of the Medicare Act in July 1965 at the Truman Library; led the charge to almost double the minimum wage in 1950; supported a progressive income tax with higher rates on high incomes and said that when tax relief can be given it should go to those who need it most and not those who need it least; said “the Republican party either corrupts its liberals or expels them”; and called the so-called “right to work laws” as the right to wreck the trade union movement.

His values and his policies were opposite to those of President Trump in virtually every regard. He told a reporter in 1959 that three things corrupt a man: Power, money and women. He pointed out he had one wife and she was up at the house; he had power, but did not really seek it; and he never had much money so he did not miss it.

Have we not seen enough evidence to prove how insightful he was?

Niel Johnson, Independence