In last Thursday's 72-23 decimation of Brunswick, Bucklin/Macon County post player Kellen Robertson earned her thousandth point on the same night she set a career high by scoring 42 points.

The senior said that although her team has been unable to produce a great deal of success in her tenure, she would have been unable to achieve the milestone without the help of her teammates.

"When I was a freshman, we had some juniors who were great players and some of my best friends, and I wanted to get there. Last year, I knew I needed to step it up if I wanted to get there, so I put in the extra work and practice.
"My teammates really work to get the ball even through we've struggled some."

The Bucklin native said that next year she plans to head for Columbia to attend Mizzou. She has been active in softball, track, Drama Club, and Art Club. She has held the positions as vice president of Future Farmers of America and president of Student Council.

"I want to help teach the girls younger than me what helped me be successful," Robertson said. "I think if we can reach that nine-win mark that we had last year, it would be a good step for our team. I don't think that that is unrealistic."