Some young coaches might be daunted by the task. Others, in their first gig at the helm, especially ring-leading a program as tradition-rich as Brookfield's, may have been run out of town by now after a two-win campaign.

For Brookfield head football coach Scott Stevens, a full offseason with a team predominantly composed of returners is worth more than any so-called rebuilding season.

"Physically, this is going to be the strongest team I've been a part of," Stevens, also the strength and conditioning coach, offered. "They've bought into the weight room, and I'm excited to get them into the summer sessions. They're also really excited to get into that, and having a group of like-minded people gives me a good outlook on that end of things."

Patience is not the essential virtue here -- not just for the boys of fall, but for athletes participating in any Brookfield sport.

Stevens, now entering his sixth offseason as a coach and second as Brookfield skipper, has a background in maintaining and enhancing the human body.

Well before achieving an exercise science degree from Truman State University, Stevens said that the weight room was a passion of his.

He will be supervising all athletes' weightlifting throughout the summer, with 90-minute sessions for both male and female athletes at separate times on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Additionally, he will supervise middle school weightlifting in one-hour sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Stevens said that he will be implementing a team-oriented system in the weight room this summer to not only incentivize competition, but also to foster a fiery culture within each of Brookfield's programs.

As far as upcoming summer football training goes, Stevens admitted that his team needs to improve offensively. The Trenton High School alum said on numerous occasions that unproductive, stalled drives prevented his team from competing in games in which his defense gave him above-par performances.

Stevens said that Cameron's seven-on-seven program throughout June is one best in the area, and that the scrimmages should go a long way toward fostering second-year success.

"We have a lot of pieces coming back from last year. It'll be their second year of knowing what they're doing, and I think we'll have more confidence. We're focusing on leadership this summer, because that's what wins football games. The more we give kids leadership opportunities, the better we'll be."